From the Principal's Office.......

Asathoma Sadgamaya ........................
........................Om Gurubhyo namaha
"We have miles to go before we sleep!" - Robert Frost.
I have accepted the challenges of office of principal offered to me, on the superannuation of my predecessor.  I am highly delighted for being a concencious person to be the Principal of this Prestigious and long standing Institution for the cause of Education, of South Bengaluru.

I am indeed, very proud, to attain a memorable feat - "PUPIL TO PRINCIPAL", which has been made possible by this noble Institution founded by our beloved and respectful founder Prof. N. ANANTHACHAR, a great visionary and philanthropist of all times. I am dutiful in rendering my salutation to our founder.  Likewise, I owe my heartfelt and respectful thanks for blessing me in attaining this feat, to our octogenarian President, Sri T.V. Maruthi and other members of the Governing Body of A.P.S. Educational Trust (R).

I am also privileged to be part of NAAC initiatives and accept the results, being accredited with "B" - Grade.

Education is the greatest gift we can offer every generation, which enhances the progress of mankind with the sharing of knowledge, inculcating discipline and effecting an overall refinement of thoughts and deeds of every individual.  We are proud that A.P.S. Commerce College, considered as the most coveted part of A.P.S. Educational Trust is reckoned as one of the best educational Institutions in Bengaluru, more specifically, in the southern part, with Unblemished values and goodwill.  In the years to come, we will channel all our efforts to reach higher goals and make all learning an experience for life.

Academic excellence is essential but an Educational Institution, like us, with 80 years of glorious service to the cause of Education, should also attend to the development and refinement of the emotions and values.  Our vision would be to see each student from A.P.S. Commerce College able to adjust, with respect, in a fast changing global scenario, with the ability to lead in the field/s of their choice with integrity and courage.

We, at A.P.S. Commerce College, are very happy, but not complacent, with our success till now.  We always remember Robert Frost's Quote reflected in the beginning, which keeps us on the march forward, to face newer challenges more effectively.  We will continue on this journey of knowledge and creativity.

will together uphold the spirit of our Founder and colour our picture with pride and achieve all our goals for the decades to come.

Wishing all mankind 'Peace, Progress and Prosperity' for all times.

With Regards,
Prof. B.Paramesh