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Cultural activities

The members of the cultural committee selected class representatives from each class to facilitate the conduct of cultural activities.

Ganesha festival was organized on 18th September 2013, at the college premises, in the presence of our Secretary Mr. Nataraj and the staff members of the college.

The inaugural function of the cultural committee for this academic year was conducted on 23rd and 24th October . Popular artiste Arun sagar and Poet Mr. BR Lakshman Rao were invited as chief guests.

Several competitions like solo singing, laughter challenge, group singing, and play competitions were conducted and several students were awarded prizes.

On the following day, other competitions like Group dance, solo dance, mad ads , Mime show and fashion show were conducted. The students actively took part in large numbers and there was a very healthy and tough competition.

On 19th and 20th of February 2014, Rangoli competition and 'cooking without fire' contests were conducted. English Essay and debate competitions were conducted on 7th and 13th March respectively.

Quiz competition, Ethnic day and Annual day functions are on the cards for the month of April 2014.
Mr. Mukunda Naik


The NCC activities were inaugurated by Prof.F Arokia Doss, principal, and prof. I S Subramanya, vice-principal of APS college on . Besides the regular parades by Coy Commander Lakshmi Devi LP, the following activities were conducted throughout the two semesters of this academic year.

Army attachment camps during 1st to 10th June 2013, 19th to 28th June 2013, and 10th to 19th August 2013 were attended by Cpl Shivaprashanth, C/Cpl Subramani and C/cpl Yogesh.

CATC camps were conducted in Dodaaballapur From 28th July to 6th August 2013, for which eight SDs and Three SWs attended from our college. They participated in various inter Coy Competitions and won a first place in throw ball and a second place in Volley ball.

The 66th independence day was celebrated in our college grounds on the 15th August 2013. CSUO Dhanush R was the parade commander.

The CATC held at Hoskote, from 22nd Sept to 01 October 2013, was attended by six of our SDs and two SWs.

Captain Karthik G, cdt Vignesh V and Cdt Bharath attended a trekking camp at5 Amarakantak (MP) during 15th Sept to 27th Sept 2013.

Five SD cadets of our college attended the Army attachment camp from 7th to 19th October 2013. 5 SD and two SWs from our college attended the Pre-IGc camp at Varthore from 4th to 13th October 2013.

A ten-day camp was conducted for the NIC-11-AP, at Tirupati from 7th Jan to 18th Jan 2014 for which Srinivas represented our college . Similarly, Sgt. Kumar P of our college attended the NIC conducted at Gadag from 4th Jan to 15th Jan 2014.

Our company cadets attended unit competition held at vijaya main college grounds. Republic Day celebrations were conducted at our college grounds on 26th January 2014. Platoon commander for this function was CJUO Ramya Mc.

The activities for this academic year ended with the annual NCC Day conducted on 15th February 2014. On that occasion Col. PK Singh, the commanding officer 08 7 KAR BN NCC was the chief Guest. Shri. T V Maruthi, President of the APSET presided the function. During this function, thee cadets exhibited their talents in ceremonial drill, silent drill, Bayonet fighting and fire jumping demonstration.

Ms. Lakshmi Devi

Placement Cell

APS College of Commerce provides placement assistance to all commerce students through placement cell . The Department of Commerce had tried a varied approach for the placements and the short executive summary of the stages are provided below. The Placement Cell office works closely with the Student Committee on the Pre placement training & campus recruitment process which consists of the following stages:

Pre-placement Seminars The Pre-placement talk (PPT) is a platform for interaction between the Soft skills trainer and the students. This year, we had invited,


A soft skill training company to provide the insights on the campus recruitments. The representatives of the company Harsha Gatt, Shreyas Gowda, Ashwath conducted a simulated environment of placements, provided insights into the key aspects of placement, conducted tests, and explained opportunities available to the students.

The day session consisted of
1.Introduction of the Company and purpose of Mock placements to students
2.Written Test based on previous questions papers
3.Group Discussion
4.Final seminar on Do's and don'ts along with interview facing tips.
The students were happy to know the points for improvement and showed great enthusiasm during the whole exercise and requested for same in next semester .

Also invited ' DECCAN HERALD ' soft skill training group to provide training with regard to interviews . on the day session they trained students in,
a. How to face interview
b. Group Discussion
c. To build positive attitude in self

And we also invited Venus technology on 26th Feb 2014 soft skill training group to provide training with regard to interviews . on the day session they trained students in,
Stage fear managing
a. How to face interview
b. To build positive attitude in self

& discussions were made with regard to entrepreneurship Inviting companies.

Placement Cell office and the student committee reach out to companies and invite them to participate in the placement process we were successful in getting TCS company , Toyata Company , NTT Data Company , Jaro Education Ltd., & Northern Trust to our college. The final placement interview gives the company and the student an opportunity to discuss the role in detail and make the right choice.

Placement Statistics Of TCS Company
Conducted on Oct 1, 2013
Total students Attended Interview - 80,
Total students Selected in Aptitude Round - 46
Total students selected in Group Discussion round - 38
Total students selected in HR round - 33
Total students selected in Technical round - 25
Total students selected in Managerial round - 16
Total students selected in TCS 16

Placement Statistics Of Toyota
Conducted on Feb 3rd 2014
Total students Attended Interview - 80
Total students selected in 1st round - 42
Total students selected in 2nd round- 15
Total students selected in TCS 15

Placement Statistics Of Jaro Education
Conducted on Feb 15th , 2014
Total students Attended Interview - 80
Total students selected in 1st round - 22
2nd round result are yet to be announced

Placement Statistics Of NTT Data
Conducted on Feb 24th , 2014
Total students Attended Interview - 80
Result are yet to be announced

Placement Statistics Of Northern Trust
Conducted on March 4th 2014
Total students Attended Interview - 10
Total students selected - 2

The company made an offer to the student after the final interview. The offer included details of role, location, remuneration, and other relevant terms and conditions required by the candidate to make a decision. The offer is communicated by the company to the Placement Cell office which in turn communicates it to the selected student. The acceptance of an offer is governed by placement rules of the Placement Cell office which are framed at the beginning of the academic year and may vary from year to year.

C M Hanumantharayappa


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