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A Two-Day Seminar cum Workshop: Portents of Future on 18-19 Aug 2012.
On 18th August 2012, the programme was inaugurated by the General Secretary of APS Educational Trust, Sri A.P.Acharya. The key note address was given by Dr.K.S.Sameera Simha, Joint Secretary, BHS Higher Education Society, Bangalore. He talked on length on The Dynamics of a Teacher in Learning Context. The talk was followed by a question-answer session. In the forenoon session, Contemporary Trends in Higher Education, Drs.V.S.Shreedhars, T.V.Narasimha Rao, and Ravindra Rashme made their presentation. The session was moderated by Professor T.G.Nataraj In the afternoon session, Professor L.Madhuranath, gave the first workshop on NAAC accreditation process which was useful for the college as it is planning to go for accreditation this year. On the 19th of August 2012, during the forenoon, the second workshop was given by Professor K. Raghothama Rao and Dr. Shobha Managoli on how changes in a system could be managed. During the afternoon, the third work shop was conducted by Dr. H.S. Ganesha Bhatta, on Classroom Management / Art of Teaching. The valedictory address was given by Professor H.R.Ramakrishna Rao, and the session was chaired by Sri T.V.Maruthi, President of APS Educational Trust. The quarterly news letter of the college, Prasthutha, was released on the same occasion.


The NCC activity for the year 2012-2013 was inaugurated by our Principal Dr.K.Sundar Raj and Commanding officer Avandesh Kumaar Pande on 11th July 2012. On the same day Col.A.K.pandey selected cadets for various camps.

On 18th June 2012 CUSUO.Lokesh and SGT.Kiran undergone training at Para Reginmental training, Bangalore, both were selected for TSC Camp which was held at Doddabalapur.

From 1st july 2012 to 10th july 2012 two cadets CSUO. Lokesh and SGT. Kiran attended TSC camp at Doddabalapur, CSUO. Lokesh got selected for next TSC Camp.

On 22nd july 2012 cadets attended the CATC and TSC selection camp, cadets partitipated in various activities at camp, our coy, won the following Inter Unit Competititons:-

1. Drawing competititon SW 1st place and SD 2nd place.
2. SDs Third place in drill competititon.

On 15th August 2012 Independence Day was celebrated in our college prenises. Our Principal hosited the National Flag. All the cadets were present on this occasion to Honor the National Flag.

On 17th 6 cadets attend RDC and TSC selection camp which was held at Doddabalapur. In this canp 4 cadets were selected for RDC in the same camp our cadets participated in various camp activities and won the Inter Unit competititons:-

1. SDs 1st place in Drill Competititon.
2. SDs 1st place in throw ball.
3. SDs 2nd place in volley ball.

On 26th August 2012 our cadets attended Bangalore Edu Namma Uru program which was conducted by Jana Shree News channel at BMS College Bangalore.

On 29th November 2012 our company conducted Annual Blood Donation Voluntary Camp in our College and motive cadets and students to donate blood and to save the life of needy people. There was good response from the cadets and students.

On 11th October 2012 our company cadets CPL Manikantha, Cdt.Dhanush, Cdt Abhishek Cdt. Kumar.P. attended Inter Battalien camp at Doddabalapur.

On 30th September 2012 Our company conduted Tree plantation programme to create awareness among the cadets to protect the Environment.

On 15th December 2012 Cy. Conduted various sports event to promote and to develop sportsmanship among the cadets. All cadets participated in event and bagged many prizes.

On 24th December 2012 Cadets attended CATC camp which was held at Doddaballapur. It is proud to announce that the Cdt. Dhanush got selected for Republic Day camp at New Delhi and left Bangalore on 29th December 2012 to participate the most prestigious National Republic Day parade.

On 11th January 3/5 and IA/5coy 7 KAR BN NCC, organized Golden Jublilee NCC day, on that occasion the commanding opfficer P.K. Singh of 7 KAR BN NCC was the chief guest. Sri. T.V. Maruthi, President A.P.S. Educational Trust, presided. The cadets exhibited their talents in Ceremonial Drill, Silent Drill, and Bayonet Fightingh, section attack, Fire jumping Demonstration.

I extend my heartfelt thanks to the APS Educational Trust, Principal, Vice-principal, Collegues, Administrative staff, the Ex-Cadets, commanding officer of 7 KAR BN, parade Instructors, for the whole hearted co-operation for the successful conduct of various NCC activities for the year 2012-13.


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