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Pre-University Education in Karnataka is a two-year course.It is equivalent to the eleventh and twelfth standards prevailing in CBSE/ICSE and other State Boards. The Department of Pre-University Education is an Independent Directorate which controls all the Pre-University College in Karnataka. Pre-University Education is bieng offered in four varieties of colleges. They are (1) Government colleges (2) Private aided colleges (3) Private un-aided colleges and Corporation colleges / Municipal colleges. These colleges are further classified as (1) Independent P.U.colleges and (2) Composite P.U.colleges.

General Rules:
1. Qualifications for admission to the Two-Year Pre-University course.

Candidates who posses the following minium educational qualifications shall be eligible for admission to the Karnataka Two-Year Pre-University Course. They should have passed.

a) The Karnataka Secondary School Leaving Certificate Examination (S.S.L.C)

Any other examination recognized by the Department of Pre-University Education, Karnataka as equivalent to the Karnataka SSLC Examination, for purpose of admission to the Pre-University Course.


Candidates coming from outside the country shall be admitted to the Pre- University course, only on the production of a Provisional Eligibility Certificate issued by the Department. They should obtain such a certificate form the Director, Department of P.U.Education on application by paying the prescribed fees and enclosing a Photostat copy (dully attested by a Gazetted Officer) of the pass certificate obtained at the qualifying examination. However candidate from States/Union Terriroties outside Karnataka (are governed by the conditions specified in Government Order NO.ED/45/SHH-95, dated 25.5.95) shall obtain the provisional Eligibility Certificate from the concerned Principals where they are going to join the First Year P.U.C.

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2. Length of the Course :
The course of studies for the Pre_University Course shall be spread over a period 

of two academic years. The first year PU classes commence in June and end in March with a District Level Examination. The second year PU classes commence in June and end in April with a State Level Public Examination.

3.  Medium of Instruction :

The medium of Instruction and examination in the two-year PUC shall be in Kannada or in English. Candidates may, at their option, answer the examination in Kannada or in English provided that they indicate the medium of their option in their application for the examination.

4. Course of Study :

The courses of study leading to the two year PUC examination shall comprise Part-I and Part-II. Part-I includes languages. Part-II includes core subjects. Every P.U.C. student has to study two languages underpart-I and four subjects under part-II. The candidates shall select, under Part-I, any two of the following languages, one of which should be an Indian Language.

Part-I :

1) Kannada 2) English 3) Hindi 4) Tamil 5) Telugu 6) Malayalam 7) Marathi 8) Urdu 9) Sanskrit 10) Arabic 11) French.


Provided that at least one of the languages selected by a candidate under this part, shall be a language he/she has already studied at the secondary school stage and passed at the qualifying examination.


Provided that the candidate has not studied any of the Indian languages at the qualifying examination, he/she may be permitted by the Department to offer any two languages from the list.


In case a cnadidate has passed the qualifying examination other than the Karnataka SSLC examination and has applied for admission to the two-year Pre-University Course with a language for which there is no provision in these regulations; the Department may permit, on application, such a candidate to offer under Part-I any of the languages enumerated in the list above, provided further that the Director, Pre-University Education permits the change of language under part-I.

Part-II :

There are three streams under Part-II. They are Humanities, Commerce and Science. A candidate has the option to choose any stream, provided that for selecting Science and Mathematics as subjects in PUC the candidate has studied General Science and Mathematics as subjects in the qualifying examination.

Different combinations prescribed under the Commerce stream in our college are as follows:-
1] Statistics, Economics, Business Studies and Accountancy
2] Mathematics, Economics, Business Studies and Accountancy
3] Geogoraphy, Economics, Business Studies and Accountancy
4] Computer Science, Economics, Business Studies and Accountancy
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